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Schoolchildren hard at work in the classroom

Become a Development Instructor

 he Development Instructor is an International Volunteer.
For the past 30 years, the international volunteers system of Humana People to People has been a significant, practical and ideological expression of the 'From People to People' philosophy of the movement. The basic idea of the Development Instructor program is to open the possibility for everyone to contribute to development on the ground of Solidary Humanism.

Academy for Working Children class in India

The Power of Positive Living

In between my bookend experiences, I had the chance to hear many other stories.  These included the accounts of primary school teachers who work under startlingly difficult conditions but whose unwavering commitment and skill are making a difference in the lives of their students. Other stories included those affected by HIV/AIDS, who have found strength through a community mobilized to fight the disease (for an example, see the story “The Power of Positive Living” posted on our Total Control of the Epidemic page).

Of course, Mozambique still faces many difficult challenges ahead. Nevertheless, the voice of empowerment resonates in the country, as does the spirit of enthusiasm and hope. Change is within the grasp of those I met, and they clearly seem to know it.

Planet Aid in Botswana

Amade is thankful that ADPP was there for him

Amade says he is thankful that ADPP was there for him, offering many years of help and support.  “I am with ADPP since 1999. I like them because they gave me so many chances to show my capabilities and to acquire more experiences in so many different areas.  I consider ADPP as my second family.”

Amade humbly insists that his life story is not exceptional, and that there are many others like himself with similar stories.  Life in Africa is indeed difficult and the struggle to rise from poverty ever-present.  ADPP has been assisting children like Amade for over 30 years.  Many have found refuge and hope for the future in the classrooms and dormitories of the ADPP campuses established across the nation, or through the other programs that it has been implementing.  The organization is well-known as a development leader and for its commitment to create lasting change.