Humana People to People

72 million children still do not go to school

 In developing countries 72 million children still do not go to school and many children receive an education that is not living up to the quality that is needed.

Humana People to People acknowledges this and already in 1993 ADPP Mozambique started training of primary school teachers for the rural school in cooperation with the Government of Mozambique. Since then other members have started similar programs and by now more than 14.000 teachers have been trained.Humana people to people Slideshare

Audience members dancing with the Zimwomen

Trash is Not Trash Until It Is Wasted

 Many of us recycle our bottles and waste without ever seeing the tangible benefits. Although recycling is practiced far less commonly in Sub Sahara Africa, the recycling efforts of two Aid for Africa members are having profound effects on the communities they serve.

In the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, Aid for Africa member Carolina for Kibera’s Trash is Cash program employs 35 youths to collect four tons of trash each week from some 2,000 households. Because there is no formal sanitation program, the trash would be scattered in the area and lead to health and environmental problems. The trash is brought to two recycling centers. One employs 20 youth, who convert paper and sawdust into low-cost alternative fuel briquettes. The other center sorts, collects and makes pellets from plastics for sale to local industries. The program also works with local women’s groups, who turn plastic bags into retail products like purses, and with artists, who turn bones discarded from local butcheries into jewelry they sell.